Due to government measures in relation to the corona epidemic all public performances in Leiden have been cancelled. Amongst those the Finals of the Leiden Jazz Award 2020 on Sunday March 22. If and when alternative dates are possible/known you will be informed through this website and the press.

Performances FINAL Leiden Jazz Award 2020

14:302003LJA Finale Kibeom
Kibeom Shin - drums
(South Korea) 10-08-1994,
Studies percussion at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam
Accompaniment: Chaerin Im - piano, Andrea Leone - tenor sax, guitar - Duarte Cotta - guitar, Barış Ofluoğlu - double bass


15:002003LJA Finale Martin
Martin Diaz - alto sax
(Barcelona, ​​Spain) 10-08-1995
Studies alto sax at the Conservatory of Amsterdam
Accompaniment: Lucas Martínez - tenor sax, Floris Kappeyne - piano, Omer Govreen - double bass, Ilia Rayskin - drums
Link website: https://martindiaz8.wixsite.com/home


15:25  Break with (old) jazz films from the collection of Frank Elkhuizen


15:452003LJA Finale Marti
Marti Mitjavila - clarinet
(Vic, Barcelona, ​​Spain) 01-09-2000
Studying clarinet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam
Accompaniment: Simon Osuna - double bass, Eloi Pascual - drums



16:152003LJA Finale Hila
Hila Hutmacher - voice
(Israel), 28-01-1990
Studying singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam
Accompaniment: Massimo Imperatore - guitar, Maik Kleer- bass, Roope Kantonen- drums
Link website: https://www.hilahutmacher.com/


16:35 Jury council
After the award ceremony, an addition from the winner


Presentation: Fons Delemarre

Jury: Wouter Turkenburg (chairman), Mathijs de Groot (Volkskrant), Ken Vos (Leidsch Dagblad), Martijn Groen (drummer), Soo Cho (pianist), Joris Teepe (bass player), Wim van Vliet (Hot House)


Stadsgehoorzaal, Breezaal, room open at 2:00 pm, start of performances at 2:30 pm, Admission: € 10
The tickets for the Final are available at the counter of the Stadsgehoorzaal and now also here online.

For sale in the auditorium: the CD by Lorenzo Vitolo, winner of the Leiden Jazz Award 2019; Changing Shapes (€ 15)