Biopartner Leiden Jazz Award en Corona

Duet o the corona/Covid19 outbreak we were unable to finish the Leiden Jazz Award the way we wished. We hope 2021 will be different. To ensure that the 14th edition will be possible and safe some measures are necessary. With the venue, the Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, we have made arrangements to ensure the best possible way to organise the preliminaries and finals.
But of course it is impossible to tell what the real situation will be in February and April 2021. We hope all miseries will lay behind us, but we don’t count on it.

So this is how it will be:

The preliminaries will be held in the Catharinafoyer of Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden. There is more space there than the room we normally use (the Entry Foyer).

There will be no free admittance (coming and going of your own accord), reservations are compulsory. Tables are placed in such way that 30 people can be seated and that the 1,5 metre distance measures can be upheld.

There will be no service at the bar, but only at the tables.

The Cataharinafoyer has it’s own entrance (through the court/Catharinahof) to avoid cluttering and mixing with visitors of other events.

The finals will be held in the Grote Zaal where in normal times 800 people can be seated. If and when the current maximum of 30 people is raised we may seat an audience of 125 to 150 max.

Of course reservations are compulsory for the finals as well.

There will be two dressing rooms for the participants. There will be schedules at hand to guarantee that all participants/groups will have a dressing room ‘of one’s own’ available before and after the performance.

Judging and deliberations will be  if necessary  digital and on-line.

Resuming: much is depending on the actual situation in February 2021 and the ongoing regulations.

But: the above makes it possible to continue our competition in 2021.