Since January 1, 2018, the Leiden Jazz History/Leiden Jazz Award Foundation has an ANBI status.
This status obliges the Foundation to publish an annual report and make it public.

On the following links you will find two combined annual reports.
First of all, the link to the annual report of 2017 and 2018. In the first of these two years, a change of management took place. In the second year, the anniversary edition of the Leiden Jazz Award took place and the ANBI status came into effect.
The following link is to the also combined annual report for 2019 and 2020. A combination was chosen here because, in the opinion of the board, 2020 was not a 'real' competition year; because due to the corona pandemic, there has been no finalization in the form of a final.


The Leiden Jazz History Foundation was established in 2007 to record the history of jazz in Leiden and to preserve the story for the future. This eventually resulted in the publication in 2009 of the book: Leidse Jazz, 1899-2009, which has since been sold out and via this link the contents can be read on the website with our history. However, the links no longer work.
After the book was completed, the Foundation continued as a Leiden Jazz Award, with the aim of stimulating young, professional jazz talent. The Foundation does this by organizing an annual competition among jazz students from all Dutch conservatories. In addition to a cash prize, the prize winners are also offered the opportunity to gain experience as a professional musician through performances in Leiden and the region, as far as is within the Foundation's means. In some cases, the possibility is also offered to make professional sound recordings.

The tenth edition of the competition took place in 2018. The annual report of this competition and of the year 2017 can be read via this link.

Policy plan (summary)
The Leiden Jazz Award (LJA) has been organized annually since 2008. Initially in line with the Leiden Jazz History Foundation and the book published by this organization about Jazz in Leiden, but in recent years at a greater distance.
The prize is intended to stimulate young, professional musicians on the one hand, and to profile the city of Leiden as a fertile place for living music on the other. Organizing the pre-selection, holding the preliminary rounds and the final final is done by a small number of volunteers.

The LJA wants to continue to grow into a fully-fledged participant in Leiden culture, with a solid anchoring in Leiden and the Leiden region. Leiden has no college or academic music training and the LJA aims to fill a part of this gap. The LJA stimulates the supply of new, as yet unknown talent and to this end works together with the national music courses (education) as well as the Leiden venues (culture) and the Leiden business community.
This last category sponsors the prizes, but does not contribute to the organizational side of the LJA.
Click here for our Foundation's policy plan.

The board of the Leiden Jazz History Foundation, the owner of this website, has deposited the statutes of the Leidse Jazz History Foundation, acting as: Leiden Jazz Award with the notary, mr. Erna Ilse Kortlang. The amendment to the Articles of Association can be read via this link.
The Foundation has the RSIN/tax number: NL817744 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number. 28114898.


The board and all persons involved in the organization of the competitions, other than hired professionals, perform their work free of charge. Where appropriate, (material) expenses incurred for the purpose of the event will be reimbursed. This may include – not exhaustively – postage costs, paper costs, travel costs and the like.